• You want to start your business but do not know where to start?
  • You have a great business idea but are not sure whether others think it is great and will it generate you income to grow your business and feed your family?
  • You might be interested in an international business, but have never travelled or do not have business connections in other countries?
  • You can count money and be responsible with your finances but feel that running a business requires a different approach and might have underwater ‘stones’?
  • You have reached a dead-end with employment hopes and are ready to explore options of self-employment?
  • You dream about a job, which might give you flexibility to be a present parent and a bread earner?
  • Or maybe you work for a NGO and are struggling with funding and would like to learn about social enterprise/ business and how that could benefit the funding strategy of your organization?


How about learning about the ways to become a business person in company of like-minded people?

Starting your own business can be a fun and daunting task at the same time. One thing is for sure that it is always hard work that involves lots of planning, research, determination and effort.


The Entrepreneurship Laboratory could be the place for you to experiment, test out and grow your ideas and skills.

This programme is different. It is about learning from each other and learning by doing, not just learning from the content which the expert and training team will provide you with.

This programme will provide you with an opportunity to focus on your dream of becoming an entrepreneur and guiding you through the process of opening of your business. A training programme with real challenges and the useful insight, that you can learn from those who have already done it; the educators on the course, and those who will do it together with you.

This programme is not designed to give answers to all your questions, but will help you to test your ideas and assumptions about how to prioritise your tasks and how to use your resources to its best to ensure that you get your business started on a right track. We will also equip you with helpful information, access to resources and peer and expert advice.


It is all about you and other 31 people from eight European countries who are united with one aim of getting ready to open their business and do it.

It is about connecting with each other, learning from each other and the educators, welcoming the challenges, sharing knowledge and cultural perspectives, sharing aspiration and assumption, developing and strengthening skills and knowledge in the field and making connections that help when working in your own environment between three residential training courses and beyond.


In this programme we aim at providing a platform for 32 people with business ideas and who wish to become a businessman or businesswoman to test their business ideas, build their business plans, strengthen their personal skills and develop their business to the stage of a launch.

To open a business is not as easy as it can sometimes seem and the more prepared you are the more mistakes you can avoid. Hence in this programme we look forward to introducing you to important elements of a business planning, financing and running.


The more you can do before starting a business and the more confident you have ticked off the check list before starting your business and for the short and medium plans before you start spending money, the better.


This programme like a business requires motivation, determination, and commitment, thinking out of the box, hard work and some investing.


In return it will equip you with research of current situations, ideas for financing, awareness about differences between capital and cash flow, investments, rights & responsibilities and what you will need to do to protect yourself and your business.

It will put you in real life situations and will help to understand importance of starting capital and detailed risk aversive planning when starting or expanding.

It will also give you a network where you can seek support from peers and experts.


Normally this programme would costs €3790.00

  • three eight days residential training courses,
  • accommodation,
  • three meals a day,
  • two coffee breaks a day
  • travel,
  • and forum support for developing stages)


But thanks to the funding from ERASMUS+ Programme

Your costs will be:

  • 90 EUR/GBP participation fee
  • costs of your travel insurance for the duration of the programme
  • travel costs from your home to the venue of the project (up to 825 EUR refundable at the end of the programme*)

Places are limited and subject to selection process, the earlier you apply the greater chance you have to get a place.


To apply:

  1. Email to request your info pack & application form
  2. Read the info pack carefully
  3. Complete the application form (both rates and comments)
  4. Email completed application form to by latest 30th January 2016.


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